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During that time, I overcame several considerable obstacles, including three high-risk pregnancies, several hospitalizations, and the international complexities associated with adopting an infant from a Cambodian orphanage.

In large part, I credit my family with my commitment to overcome adversity and to succeed; they instilled in me the belief in my own abilities and the sense of communal responsibility to give back to my community or origin. Specifically, I have had the opportunity to organize charitable support for Cambodian orphanages in the form of fundraising intended to establish water wells, mosquito netting, and basic medical services and vaccinations. Domestically, I have volunteered at church, assisted in fundraising efforts for domestic violence victims programs, and provided pro bono consultation, coaching, and mentoring services for local small business owners and start- up companies.

On a more personal level, I am the first member of my family ever to have graduated from high school. Even without access to formal education themselves, my family contributed substantially to my success by encouraging me to overcome adversity and to appreciate my relative good fortune notwithstanding several difficult circumstances.

Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Management program at ____will enable me to continue serving as a positive role model to my children and as evidence of the value of hard work…

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