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Personal Statement

While any profession in the field of healing is doubtlessly a noble and worthy one, there are few of these that offer the combination of technical expertise and human interaction that dentistry does. Although dentists are often professionals that are the subject of comedy in terms of being secondary to "real doctors," I believe that this profession does not nearly receive all the credit that it deserves. Few people who do not practice this profession in some way understand the rigors, years of study, and commitment it requires to be a good dentist. In addition to the amount of technical and biological knowledge required to be excellent at this profession, dentists are often also required to have a particularly excellent knowledge of human psychology and interaction to be good at their work. It is this combination that particularly attracts me to dentistry rather than any other profession in the world.

I remember from my childhood that most of my friends were afraid of the dentist. I, however, could never understand this fear. My six-monthly appointments with our dentist were never a source of fear to me. The reason for this, now that I think back about it,…

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