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The best argumentative essay titles reveal the nature of the argument and suggest the position that you will be taking as the author of the argument.  Since every argument has at least two sides to it, your essay title should point out these two sides.  Then it should identify the side you think makes the most sense, i.e., the correct position to take.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the “vs.” approach and follow that up with a colon and the position you’re taking.  Another way is to ask a question and follow it up with the answer.  A third way to write a good argumentative essay title is to call out the opposition and give the reason it is wrong.  See these examples for an idea of how to write great argumentative essay titles.

Argumentative Essay Titles

1. Capitalism vs. Socialism:  Why Adam Smith Matters and Marx is All Wrong

2. Servant Leadership vs. Authoritarian Leadership:  Why the Best Leaders are Sometimes the Most Despised in History

3. To Play or Not to Play:  Pro Sports in the Time of COVID

4. Never Go to Bed Angry:  Why Forgiving and Forgetting at the End of the Day is Better Than Carrying a Grudge

5. Who Started the Civil War?  The South May Have Fired First, But the North Baited Them Into It

6. Should the US Tear Down Monuments?  Why Forgetting One’s History Dooms One to Repeat It

7. Instead of Rooting Out Racism (Which is Impossible), Maybe the World Should Simply Learn to Live with It

8. Men and Women are Different in Every Way and Fourth Wave Feminists Know It

9. Want to Know the Problem with Antifa and the Radical Left?  See China in the 20th Century

10. Funding vs.…

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21. Why Life Made More Sense in the Scholastic Age of Thomas Aquinas

22. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is the One Lesson That People Need to Hear the Most

23. Star Trek vs. Star Wars:  Where the Latter Went Wrong and What Neither Does Right

24. There is No Gender Pay Gap:  Why the Left is Always Bringing Up Straw Men Arguments

25. The Electric Vehicle is Not Going Away, But Neither is the ICE


Anyone can write great argumentative essay titles if he just looks at what the topic of his argument is.  It’s simply a matter of identifying the topic in the title and giving the reader a sense of the position you’ll be taking as the author.  It doesn’t have to be flashy or catchy.  It shouldn’t be opaque or confusing.  The more straight-forward it is, the better:  titles are supposed to call attention…

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