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Cohabitation Epidemic

Argument Analysis" "The Cohabitation Epidemic"

In "The Cohabitation Epidemic," Neil Clark Warren argues that cohabitation between unmarried couples is an unhealthy situation that is decreasing the livelihood and well being of people in the contemporary context. Warren's argument is based on the idea that [state here the most important premises or assumption of the argument, or the basic strategy of his argument]. More specifically, in a part of his argument Warren assumes that [or something like this] [state problematic assumption]. I will argue that this move is problematic. In particular, is will show that ... [state main idea of your disagreement].

I will begin by explaining Warren's argument. He argues for this main thesis: that cohabitation rates are increasing, changing the nature of society, which is essentially endangering the health and welfare of future generations of Americans. Warren is essentially documenting a major rift in the structure of our contemporary society. This is one element of his argument that does have a logical foundation to it. After all, society and
...In the article, he states "make no mistake: We are witnessing a major societal shift before our very eyes" (Warren 2003). To document this shift and attest to its significance within societal structure, Warren does turn towards using statistical figures to augment his argument that cohabitation rates are increasing. Warren uses credible sources, like the U.S. Census Bureau to highlight the increasing number of individuals opting to cohabitate with their partners outside of the confines of marriage.

Warren sees this sociological shift in residency patterns in an incredibly negative light. He believes that cohabitation is bad for the health and livelihood of the individuals involved. Warren claims that in such situations, children are in much less stable environments. The increasing rate of cohabitation has coincided with increasing rates of children being born and raised illegitimately, or in single parent households.

He proposes the solution on advocating marriage to help alleviate such instability within the American society. Therefore, Warren he suggests that "marriage offers promised permanence," (Warren 2003). Thus, marriage is seen as Warren's only solution to these issues.

However, Warren fails to provide concrete evidence to back up his claims. This is one of a number of issues within…

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