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Our K-12 Education System

Social justice is a form of commitment that helps achieve equality. In education, social justice helps in reducing inequality among students and their families who happen to be at diverse socioeconomic levels. Thus, social justice helps eliminate cases arising from inequalities in economic, cultural and social practices. Despite the need to eliminate injustices, there are still inherent gaps in the education system. These gaps largely exist for poor students and not for students from wealthy families. Viglante states that, social justice would involve achieving the two aspects of anti-racism education: the curricular justice goal, which aims to deliver curricular justice to indigenous students and the wider responsibility goal, which aims to redress social disadvantage including, importantly, reducing racism (103). In my opinion, the current K-12 education system is not fair. This is because funding inequalities still exist. For instance, students from poor families receive less local and state funding compared to their counterparts from rich families. Race inequalities still exist, especially for Hispanics and black students. This makes only few of these students graduate high school or college in comparison to their white counterparts.

Rawls would also not agree with the current system of K-12 education. This is because the system does not ensure fairness. In his opinion, allocation of resources should be made fairly. He uses the idea of the veil of ignorance whereby a person in leadership does not have the knowledge…in freedom. In my opinion, a libertarian would not agree with the Rawls principles of justice. In this case, a person who has worked hard all their lives to send their kids to expensive schools or move to districts with better schools deserves to get what they have worked for. The person also made their decisions which should not be interfered with.

In light of the key ideas advanced by Rawls and the libertarians, I think that a fair K-12 education system should first ensure that there is equitable funding for all students. Secondly, inborn talents such as intelligence should not be looked at in social justice. Individuals should also be left to make their own decisions depending on how…

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