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The Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) is a one-stop resource for educational programming, risk resources and networking opportunities for public sector risk managers (About PRIMA, 2018). The Association is guided by a list of core competencies that shape PRIMAs strategy for providing assistance to risk managers in the public sector. The core competencies that PRIMA focuses on are: 1) public risk management skills, 2) public administration and general business skills, and 3) critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Within each of these competency areas are subcategories and key topics, all of which help the Association to promote professional development, educate leadership, and determine PRIMA members educational and training needs.

The mission of PRIMA is to help managers in public administration to better achieve risk management in order to serve the public interest. PRIMA is the largest public sector risk management association, serving more than 1200 member entity groups. Its headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia. Members of the Association engage in a number of activities, such as the coordination of risk management, the purchasing of insurance, the managing of human resources, the administration of safety and environmental programs, the managing of labor issues, the handling of parks and recreations programs, and many other…source of information on public risk management for educational programs. It also has as one of its main goals the aim of advancing public risk administration and establishing relationships among PRIMA and stakeholders in public risk managements. This is one of the associations most important objectives, as it brings individuals within public administration together in a network that focuses on the needs of public risk managers. Indeed, another aim of PRIMA is to identify needs of the public risk management communityespecially needs that have not been met in the past. By identifying unmet aims, the association aims to provide support and…

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