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Leading Organizational Change at Borders Bookstore In defining the future direction of the Borders Book Store chain to mitigate the risks of going out of business, several key strategic areas of the company need to change immediately. Each of these areas is deeply engrained in the culture of the company, making them easily identified yet very challenging to overcome. For Borders to survive as a business however, the following areas need to be changed immediately.

First and most significant is the lack of operational scalability due to too much reliance on the physical store model (Raff, 2000). Pending capital investments planned for building new international stores need to be halted immediately, with the funds being invested more into initiatives that better match how customers purchase and consume books. By choosing to not to expand store operations using physical locations, additional funds will be available to break the dependence Borders has on Amazon for its online strategy (Villa, 2001). Borders' future is going to be won or lost online, and the stores in place serve as a suitable enough foundation for delivering an excellent customer experience. There is no need to continually build new stores in

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