Business Writing Dear Maria I Am Writing Essay


Business Writing Dear Maria

I am writing to tell you about a course I am taking in Advanced Business Writing. This assignment asked me to write you a letter. Because English is not your first language, I will write this letter using simple phrases and words. However, I want to encourage you to practice your English. If there are any words you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask me to define them for you. Alternatively, you can use a dictionary.

Without much guidance as to what to write about in this letter, I will continue by discussing the best way to make a sandwich. Sandwiches are integral to advanced business writing. A good sandwich can make you a better writer, because writing on an empty stomach sometimes leads to disastrous results. Sandwiches are best eaten during the day, although you are free to consume sandwiches for breakfast or dinner if you please. The most important thing to understand is that when you eat a sandwich at your desk while writing a letter, you must keep your area clean. Crumbs can get all over your keyboard, and can also make your desk look unprofessional. This course in advanced business writing is for professionals, which is why it is important to keep a clean desk. A clean desk also does not attract bugs. Crumbs, when left unattended to, may attract ants and other insects.

Sandwiches can contain a number of different and delicious ingredients. I could tell you that the varieties of sandwich are potentially infinite, but I would prefer to avoid hyperbole in an advanced business writing course. If you are a vegan, your sandwich options are more limited than if you are a meat eater or a vegetarian. However, many vegan sandwiches are delicious. The classic childhood comfort...


A peanut butter and jam sandwich is deceptively simple. The worst ones are made with pre-sliced industrial white bread, perhaps with the brand name of Wonder. Jiffy peanut butter is also a terrible abomination, and ideally should be avoided if you take your sandwiches and your health seriously. The best peanut butter sandwiches begin with wholesome ingredients, such as real peanut butter made from nothing but ground peanuts and salt. I prefer to experiment with different types of fruit preserves to go with the peanut butter. Exotic fruit preserves such as fig are fun to try, but you might prefer a standard complement to peanut butter such as grape or strawberry jam. Instead of using bread that has a long list of chemicals in the ingredients, try buying bread from an actual bakery. Bakeries are small businesses, and they may need your services as a business writer if and when you pass this course.
Another great American sandwich is grilled cheese. A grilled cheese sandwich can be a powerful lunch or snack to eat while you are working on your Advanced Business Writing course material. You can make a grilled cheese sandwich yourself at home. Try using sourdough bread for your grilled cheese, and whatever you do, do not use "American cheese." Anything labeled "processed cheese food" or "American cheese" should be banned because it resembles plastic more than it resembles cheese. Do…

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