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In spite of their superiority in number, armament and war techniques, the British hopes in the alliance with Southern loyalists failed. They became vulnerable targets to the guerrilla tactics they were not used to. Cornwallis has to keep retreating from South Carolina and then from North Carolina, although in the beginning he placed great hopes in his naval forces that were far more superior than those of the enemy's.

The document signed in the U.S. Constitution by Benjamin Franklin reinforces the idea that the War between the colonists of the new world and the British empire that led to the formation of the American nation was not only an expression of disapproval of new imposed taxes, but it was truly a revolution. The ideals of the revolution were based on the fondness of fundamental human rights. It is true that, in spite of all these high ideal of equality for all, the American Revolution did not give birth to abolitionism. Nevertheless, it laid the background for those who were to support and fight for over the century to follow.


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