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¶ … entity; classes are a different thing altogether. By classes, one comprehends Marx to convey sections among individuals in proportion to the specific situations they inhabit in the class development, to the detailed ways in which they personalize class developments. Individuals partake in class processes; they in so doing inhabit class situations or positions. Some individuals execute compulsory and additional labor-Marx's direct makers-while others remove or correct excess labor. Thus making Marx's conceptualization of class multifaceted. First, an individual can and generally does inhabit more than one class station and so becomes a participant of additional classes. Second, Marx postulates more than the two class situations defined as the players and extractors of excess labor. The adjective, "fundamental," makes headway to broadcast another category of class development and therefore another set of classes. The convolution of Marx's notion of class also materializes in the progress of relating it to social scrutiny. Society is assumed as encompassing different necessary class developments and therefore dissimilar sets of central classes at any past instant.

Certainly, Marx selects the term social construction to society primarily to underline its conceptualization as a realization, an ever-changing arrangement of unlike practices of the central class developments and the individuals who contribute in them, the central classes. "Class process is one thing; classes are another. By classes we understand Marx to mean subdivisions among individuals according to the particular situations they occupy in the class development, to the precise ways in which they "personalize" class processes" (Resnick & Wolff, 1987, p. 117). Personalization of class processes therefore offers a deeper understanding of the term. Ultimately it generates a direct approach to feudalism (c) slavery (d) capitalism (e) ancient. Subsumed classes are different from fundamental process and therefore will be discussed in terms of unproductiveness. "Subsumed classes refers to persons inhabiting a subsumed class position. Such a position occurs within a subsumed class development. It is unlike the fundamental class process because it is neither the production nor appropriation of surplus labor or its products" (Resnick & Wolff, 1987, p. 118). To better explain subsumed classes, they refer to the employees of traders, financiers, and other "managers of the financial, political, and social processes encompassing the circumstances of survival of the capitalist essential class process. Nonclass positions are different to the fundamental and subsumed class positions in the sense that they do not produce any…

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Resnick, S.A., & Wolff, R.D. (1987). Knowledge and class: A Marxian critique of political economy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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