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The death penalty is therefore morally and ethically necessary not only for an ordered society but as a necessary means to protect the innocent from evil.

Secondly, from a Catholic point-of-view this stance is supported by centuries of Church doctrine and by references to Biblical test, as discussed above. This also refers to the view that many modern Catholics take; which in turn refers to the contemporary emphasis on the right to life as a sign of the decline of religion and the growth of secularization. This reflects the view that the growing opposition to the death penalty"… has gone hand in hand with a decline of faith in eternal life." ( Dulles)

4. Conclusion

The above discussion has outlined the two central arguments for and against the death penalty from a Catholic perspective. There is little doubt that this topic has also crested intense debate within the Church. This can...


It is also noteworthy that there has in recent years been a marked increase in the number of Catholics opposed to the death sentence. A poll by John Zogby indicates that almost half of Catholics oppose the death sentence. (Zapor) However, polls also indicate a more recent shift in sentiment with 2001 polls showing sixty-eight percent of Catholics in favor of the death penalty. (Zapor)

I see the modern shift towards an opposition to the death penalty among Catholics as a sign of the increasing pressure of secular thinking and the decline of a religious outlook in our society. This also leads to my view that the implementation of the death penalty is imperative if the innocent are to be protected from evil doers in our society. Therefore, in the final analysis I would suggest that the death penalty is ethically and theologically essential.


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