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While many think that if someone is old enough to go to war, one is old enough to drink, they miss the fact that going to war is a voluntary act. No one forces an individual to join any armed force. The decision is one that the individual makes for himself and there is no standing behind him or her forcing him or her to do so. The drinking age has nothing to do with this. Under the same logic, we could also say that if one is old enough to go to war then one is old enough to speed, kill one's parents, or commit tax evasion. Just like underage drinking, these things are illegal and just because one is old enough to go to war one is not old enough to break the law. The argument simply does not hold up.

The national drinking age in America is fine where it is. There is no logical reason to lower the age and there are facts to back this up. When people are facing high rates of traffic fatalities linked with lower drinking ages, there really is no need for any other compelling evidence. The student that wants to drink because he is old enough to go to war is using a weak argument to prove his point. Serving the country is a choice and making that choice does not allow anyone to break any laws that everyone else must follow. In short, the only people that speak for a lower drinking age are the kids that want to drink and those in the alcohol business that want to sell to them. When that teenager is a parent with a child, their attitudes…

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