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England France and Spain

England, France and Spain

If we look at the historical occurrence of the three countries, England, Spain and France; we notice that these three countries tried their best to build themselves and become recognized all over the world. What British used was the power of education, Spain used the power of war and fight where as France used its power to build itself to become stronger than others. This paper gives an insight of their cultural historical background and the ways in which business practices are performed in each countries. The culture of England, Spain and France is almost similar being in the same part of the United Kingdom however; they have acute differences in their business practices, which are enlightened by comparison with business practices of America (Tsang, 2002).

England has a long gone cultural history, which still has glimpses of the past practices in culture and government and still establishes itself as one of the successful countries that has powerful establishment roots and is continuing to grow with its economy and large-scale production of businesses. The government of England is a kingdom under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and is responsible to parliament. The government under the crown has both domestic powers of the kingdom as well as the foreign powers to maintain terms with the outside world. If we look at the culture of England, we first come to see how the people of England most greatly represent England. Their individuality describes England and gives it a unique identity among all other countries of United Kingdom and of course the world. The individuality that lies within the people of England depicts self-reliance, independence and the responsibility with the code of conduct. The people represent England to be a more civilized society that one has ever seen in the past many centuries (Knight, 1870).

The competition to bring out the best using capabilities and talents is what English land emphasizes. Diminishing social class-consciousness, strong authority, risk taking approach and strict follow up of formal rules is what makes England one of the classical examples of a well-established country.

The culture of England has many characteristics that combine to become what the entire world appreciates it to be. The cultural environment depicts honesty, team spirit, people enjoying personal privacy, respecting other races, religion and differences among people living together, tolerance of behaviors, support for the minorities, emphasize authority and respect for it, order, justice and a great sense of humor (Moran, Harris, & Moran, 2010).

Doing business in England is different than doing business is other parts of the world such as America. The reason is that work place and organization culture is different for the two. Business in England is more inclined towards processes formed with order and agendas. They are more inclined in conducting dealing with proper system and discourage changes in them. The comparison breeds some differences, which include as follows:

Punctuality is the most important aspect of both businesses in England and USA however; the work timings differ from each other. Usually, overtime is a common practice at USA workplace whereas in England overtime is not encouraged. The people of England do not consider themselves European therefore while doing business activities this should be kept in mind as to not mention their irrelativeness to European countries. In America however, whichever part they belong to all are referred to as Americans. In America, business practices are made more comfortable and people at work talk about different aspects of life. Even the heads like to discuss sports and other matters with their employees such as golf discussions or other types of discussions, which make the environment friendly at work (Perry, Chase, Jacob, Jacob, & Laue, 2012).

In England, casual discussions and personal life is kept far. The business practices of England do not allow personal or casual questions at work. The environment is much more formal than those of USA are and friendly establishments are few in numbers. They do not consider personal talks during business proceedings, which lead to friendly and personal relationships establishment.

During business practices, British tend to contact third parties for negotiating terms and other solutions. However, in USA direct communication is established. Conversation is also an important part of the negotiation but in Britain communication should be avoided to the level of personal influence. Generating friendly or personal feelings during conversation is prohibited and may not be appreciated during British business activities. Business officials of Britain are tending to be more direct and the newly proposed suggestions and ideas, even being successful and ultimate solution will not be openly celebrated through emotions. However, in USA the practices are contrary. In USA there is a common practice of including sports discussion during business discussions however, in England no such practice is seen or heard in the past. They strictly adhere to business matters during meetings.

Some of the largest companies of United Kingdom have greatly produced impact on the global society. They have spread their roots worldwide and built a name, establish a growing economy and changed the way things are done. A bright example of British business that has been successful in doing so is the banking system. Renowned names would include HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland. These financial organizations used to be located worldwide before their extermination. They initiated new banking systems and ideas that were adopted by many financial institutions of the world. Other names that have influenced the global market include BT Group, which has grown and successfully become the giant of telecommunications services.

British American tobacco, the 17th largest company of UK and Nissan being the number one company in the northeast UK has greatly influenced the tobacco productions, sales, and car production in the global market. Fred Perry being the number one British brand for men's clothing has also made impact in the fashion world. Aston Martin the world of car productions, BBC in mass media communications services, Benson & Hedges in tobacco production, British Airways, Brylcreem in hair products, Hobnob savory foods chain, Brooke Bond, Vimto etc. all these brands in the Britain have heavily impacted the global markets and consumer choices. Unilever group of companies owns broke bond. It was first formed in England in the year 1845. This brand has established itself as one of the successful brands in England and is covering its target markets all over the globe. It has changed the way people look at tea and their habits of tea drinking (Tsang, 2002).

The culture of Spain is diverse and many practices bring amazement to people who have just moved in there for personal or business issues. There are many details to the culture of sprain which describes how people live eat and enjoy life together. Spain has developed in past centuries with the investment from many countries and since then they have extended their exports in asparagus, olive oil and canned artichokes. The government of Spain is a constitutional monarchy, having ahead of the state and cabinets.

Doing business in Spain may appear to be an intriguing idea however their business practices are very formal and in order. Business opportunities are many and the business activities somewhat resemble to business practices of Britain since they are the part of one continent. There are many resemblances to American business practices as well. In Spain and Britain greeting is an Important part of the business activity, however Britain use handshakes as a mean of greetings while in Spain, kiss on both cheeks is considered a practice done among common business relationships. Due to lingual differences, Spanish address their people either with senor or with senora. Business meetings in Spain are different from that of Britain. They are somewhat similar to American meetings where knowing the person is the foremost thing before initiating business relationships with them however casual discussions leading to informal environment is not entertained s it is in most cases of America

In Spain, conversation, maybe formal or informal is induced before starting any business with the third party. This gets to know the party in a better way, develop the confidence, and trust that is necessary. Usually meetings in America are brought within closed agendas but in Spain, the detailed agenda might not be followed. They bring changes in their agendas as per requirements.

Usually in USA, business dealings are often encouraged during meals when heads and employee sit together and discuss the issues. In Spain, however this practice is not done very often since they consider lunchtime to be a relaxation period at work (Tsang, 2002).

As for Spain, the working hours greatly differ from those of British and American work place.

Professional work place at Spain usually remains open from 10am to 2pm, then from 4pm to 7pm. When in august there is a vacation season, the office timings change from 8am to 3pm.

Time and punctuality is an important aspect of business practices in Spain, which again presents commonalities with other…

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