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¶ … extend the lines, if necessary, without being wordy.

Three specific instances of irony in "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" are:

a) ____The title: no one ever asks Connie these questions.

b) ____Connie is the one preyed upon in this tale, but she invites in this demonic provocation.

c) Arnold Friend's remark about holding her so tight she won't try to get away because it will be impossible, is an ironic remark as it represents much of the symbolism at work throughout the story.

In "Young Goodman Brown," a) Brown represents ____The easily corruptible human.

b) the forest represents ____The practice of evil.

c) the peeling, cacophonous sounds represent ____Temptation

3. Explain the mother's attitude towards Emily in "I Stand Here Ironing"; what specific EVIDENCE supports your position? ____The mother's attitude towards Emily in the story is one of distance, rather than motherly attention. She regards Emily as someone that she is watching from a distance, though consistently over time -- almost as if she is a neighbor from across the street. She conveys this via the sense of distance. This is asserted on the first page of the story when the narrator proclaims that her daughter has lived 19 years on this earth beyond her.

4. Dystopia is the opposite of utopia, a perfect world. Name two different stories that show characters whose personal worlds are dystopias. Why? Explain your answer.

a)____I stand here ironing: this is the dystopia of lower class motherhood.

[story] [explanation]

b)____Young Goodman Brown: the forest. This is the place which represents evil and temptation. ____ [story] [explanation]

5. In "Araby," explain the mood and description of the opening setting; explain Joyce's purpose in this scene.

Joyce sets a tone of voyeurism and of being silently observed. This helps to create a tone of surveillance which can be taken over by the rest of the story. It sets a tone of some sort of quiet lack of


Define "Magic Realism" in your own words; explain how Gabriel Marquez uses it [or not] in his "The Handsomest Drowned Man . . . ." Magical realism refers to when an author eliminates the standard or common rules of reality, allowing his characters to engage in abilities or events that are generally not possible. While Marquez does use magical realism in his stories, he doesn't use it in this particular one.

7. Define "chiaroscuro" and explain how & why two authors have used light and shade in two recent stories. ____Chiaroscuro _refers to the mix of light and dark or light and shade which often arises in pictoral representations. Joyce uses it in Araby in his discussions of dusk and of light falling and night coming on. Hawthorne also uses it in The Young Goodman Brown as a means of representing evil in the world, through the changes in light, dark and shade that occur in the forest.

8. The theme of hypocrisy emerges through the INNER CONFLICTS of characters in two stories: a)____Young Goodman Brown____why?____He discovers the he himself is evil.

b)____The mother in I Stand Here Ironing____why?_Though she is Emily's mother she doesn't care to know the issues or conflicts which besiege her daughter.

1. **Explain the use and purpose of 'journey' theme in three stories.

In the Hawthorne story, The Young Goodman Brown, the theme of the journey is one which is overwhelming. Brown discovers the dual nature in all of humanity. Brown discovers that while all people might seem pious, they all have a dark side. The journey which reaches its end here is that there are some who enjoy doing evil: this is something that Hawthorne suggests and even lingers on. Hawthorne shows us evil as internal/personal along with being public as well. Wickedness present within the human heart is something which revolves as a theme in this story and which is a realization the protagonist must confront.

In an almost comparable fashion, Joyce explores this theme in Araby, a story which is an exploration of the journey of hope and then subsequent dashed hopes. This is a story which demonstrates how there's really no room for love within the lives of the characters. Love is not able to evolve, nor is it able to flourish. There's a desire for love and new experiences, but the reality that the characters are faced into often does not allow them. Likewise, the characters in "the handsomest drowned man…

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