Family Traditions And Fast Food Patronage Essay

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Running My Proposal by the AI

1. Proposed Paper Topic

How do American fast-food cultures impact traditional family cooking practices among millennials?

a. AI Revision: I asked the ChatGPT this: "Can you evaluate my essay's research question? I need to make sure it's specific and insightful for my paper on food and culture in the USA."

AI: "Of course, I'd be glad to assist you. To begin, could you share your current research question?"

Me: "My current question is: How do American fast-food cultures impact traditional family cooking practices among millennials?"

AI: "This is an intriguing question. However, to add depth and specificity, you might consider narrowing the scope to a particular region or demographic. You can also focus on the underlying factors contributing to this shift. For instance, 'What factors contribute to the preference for fast-food over traditional family cooking among millennials in the urban United States?' This version targets the 'why' behind the trend, which could lead to a more focused analysis."

b. Evaluation of AI Revision: The AI's suggestion to concentrate on the factors influencing millennials' food choices instead of focusing on the broad impact is helpful. It gives me more focus and a more targeted investigation into what might be the specific causes, such as convenience, marketing, or lifestyle changes. If I refine my question, I can probably create a more focused paper (Booth et al.). The revised question would also open up avenues for solution-based discussions, which is perfect for a problem/solution essay.

REVISED RESEARCH QUESTION: What specific factors drive the preference for fast-food over traditional family cooking among urban millennials in the United States, and how can this trend be reversed to promote healthier eating habits?

2. Ask the AI to help you develop a research plan.

My prompt: "Now, develop a research strategy for me to use to find the answers to my revised research question. I need to complete this in a structured manner within three days."

AI Response: "To efficiently tackle your research within...…a dimension to it regarding the impact that families and culture have on the problem. I think that in the past, traditional customs and family life were more prominent in American society and today not so much (Mintz, Kellog)so that might also have an effect on the issue (Coontz; Xu et al.). Youth trends too might impact it (Bugge). Nonetheless, I think that the revised thesis emphasizes the potential for change, which is a big part of a problem/solution paper.

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