Film Frozen River Courtney Hunt's Film Review

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The relationship between the two women is strengthened as the film advances and as they discover that they have more things in common than they initially thought. The two criminal-oriented individuals find that they have serious issues with their families and that something urgently needs to be done for them to solve their problems. The bond they form is best observed to the end of the motion picture, when Ray has second thoughts about leaving Lila and instead presents herself to the authorities, willing to be penalized for her actions. In spite of the fact that some viewers might consider the film's ending to be dull in comparison to the dramatic outcome they expected, the final is actually satisfying, as Ray's punishment is somewhat equivalent to the illegalities that she committed. The frozen river can be taken for granted, with all the risks involved in crossing it, and it can also be considered to mirror Ray and Lila's lives, as they are both in danger of "falling through the ice." Ray risks being fired and losing the chance to raise money...


The frozen river in the women's lives becomes even more treacherous as they engage in the human trafficking activity, bringing on a series of other risks. As if they were not already miserable, the two come across conditions involving an abandoned baby, American patrol officers, and strip club managers with guns.
Courtney Hunt overall manages to present the public with an impressive motion picture that is unlike most films the public might be used to. Although the events involved might influence some (who have not seen the movie yet) in thinking that it is similar to older films involving outlaw women, the film is actually different. It shows human feelings, individuals forced to take on criminal roles, and sorrow, with the movie showing how Ray and Lila both felt remorseful about their activities.


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