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Human Resource Management in Heath Care

Role of HRM in Health Care

Impact of Human Resource Management in Health Care

HRM and Strategic Plan of Organization

Role of HRM in Health Care

The various types of staff I the clinical and non-clinical sections who are responsible for intervention in individual and public health is known as the human resources in health care system. The knowledge, skills and motivation of the employees and the staff of the health care system who deliver health services are responsible to a great extent for the performance and the benefits that people can derive from the health care system.

While the health care system is also dependent on various other forms of physical resources like medicines and machinery, there needs to be a balance between the physical and the human resources in the system. However, what is more important is the management of the human resources in the system in a manner that the right number of persons is deployed for a certain type of service delivery. Human resource management in the health care sector entails t hat the managers need to allocate efficiently various types of health promoters and caregivers available within the system so that the best output is obtained. Also the human resource should be managed in such a way that the allocation of personnel meets the requirements and demands of care and patients (Karstadt, 2012). It is also important that the


This complex nature of relation between human resources, their management and efficient deployment and the desired outcome from the system increases the importance of efficient human resource management in the health care system.

Efficient human resource management in the health care sector is also necessary to strike a balance between the rising cost of health care and the affordability of the patients. With the rising costs of medicines and care consumables, it is thus imperative that the human resources that are available be utilized in a manner that extracts the best cost effective output for the system for patients is obtained. This is applicable in both publicly-funded systems as well as private clinical and hospital settings.

While thinking about the cost effectiveness from the patients' point-of-view, it is also important that the human resource be managed in such a manner that the health care professionals also remain satisfied with the cost effectiveness of the labor and their expertise. This increases the role and responsibility of the human resource management in the health care sector.

Impact of Human Resource Management in Health Care

Effective human resource management helps in proper staffing and placement in the health care sector. From the above discussion it is clear that proper staffing and placement of adequate human resources can be critical in the system delivering the desired care services. While HR functions of recruitment bring a in the right talent and expertise, proper staffing helps in efficient allo0caiotn of the individuals (Elarabi & Johari, 2014). Efficient HR practices can also encourage research on health care in various forms which can give rise to innovative solutions for problems and diagnosis and treatment methods. It can also help in elevating care services.

In order to limit patient complaints, delivering quality health care services and preventing legal complications, it is imperative that the employees and staff give their best output. This is done when…

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