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Coffee Regional Medical Center, Inc. CRMC") is a non-profit, 88-bed hospital located in Douglas, Georgia. Since 1953, CRMC has served the healthcare needs of the community as the sole hospital-provider in Douglas, Georgia and surrounding Coffee County. CRMC's mission is to provide the highest-quality healthcare, in a safe and caring environment, for both patients and families (Coffee Regional Medical Center, N.d.).

CRMC is an acute care hospital for adults and children in southern Georgia whose primary and secondary markets extend from Coffee to Jeff Davis and Bacon counties to Ben Hill and Atkinson counties.


Healthcare is miles behind the curve when it comes to technological innovation, an industry that historically has not been easy to innovate for. There are two key trends that have changed the game just in the last few months, explains Zoe Barry, CEO and Founder of ZappRx, "opening up what could be a landgrab for ambitious startups who want to disrupt the healthcare space"; among these was a new piece of legislation called the HITECH Act, which among other things like encouraging electronic medical record adoption, forced some of the major players such as Amazon's Web Services (AWS) to make technology that other tech entrepreneurs depend on heavily, finally available to those working in healthcare (Pozin, 2013). "You also have the rise of Accountable Care Organizations," said Barry, "where a doctor's compensation model is shifting away from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance" and this will ultimately lead to doctors collecting more data about their patients and spawn innovation (Pozin, 2013). Therefore, it is reasonable to suspect that the technological aspect to healthcare will undergo major transitions in the short-term.


The ACA (Affordable Care Act) is undoubtedly the major medical reform that will affect all aspects of Strategic Management at Coffee Regional Medical Center (CRMC). This also represents an excellent opportunity for the organization. As more individuals have access to the healthcare system, the CRMC will be able to capture a larger portion of the expanding market size.


Coffee Regional Medical Center is the sole provider within their Primary Service…

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