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Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 13.2, 2004: p.382+

In this work the author reviews critical points Hallsmith makes in his work, "The Key to Sustainable Cities" (2003). The brief review is critical as it provides each of the key points the readers needs to learn to understand what actions must be taken to create communities and neighborhoods that are sustainable. Each of these points is expanded on so the reader can find a minimum of 30 different approaches to implementing sustainable living developments or changes in any society or community. Each of these changes can be one or several adopted by the student participating in an internship with the intention of not just learning about sustainability but allowing the concepts of sustainability to pass from one generation to the next. This may provide the foundation for the future.

Since the argument for this paper is that students should participate in volunteer internships that allow them to learn the skills necessary to create sustainable neighborhoods and communities, this review is key because it succinctly sums what is necessary to achieve this. From this information the researcher can draft key points for an argumentative essay. The work focuses on real-life actions that must be…

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