"House Of Sand And Fog": Comparison Between Novel And Film Book Report

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¶ … House of Sand and Fog" book and movie compare and contrast "House of Sand and Fog" -- comparison between novel and film

Andre Dubus III's novel "House of Sand and Fog" presents a story involving two protagonists who end up in a chain of trouble and deaths as a consequence of fighting over ownership of a house. Kathy Nicolo loses her house to the authorities as a result of an error in the state's tax office and Massoud Behrani, a former Iranian colonel who is exiled, buys the structure with the intention of renewing it and selling it for a higher price. A conflict ensues as Kathy tries to recover her home while Massour is reluctant to give up the building unless he is paid a correct price.

One of the most important differences between the novel and Vadim Perelman's 2003...


While the book provides information concerning how his background shaped his character and influenced most of his behaviors, the film does not make it possible for viewers to understand him. This changes people's understanding of Lester, as it seems that his actions are irresponsible. Furthermore, this element somewhat disrupts the relationship between the two central characters and (at times) prevents viewers from becoming better acquainted with it.
Massoud's character is different in the novel from his portrayal in the book. The film tends to show him as a person who viewers would immediately hate -- he is a stereotypical Middle Eastern former military individual in the U.S. He refuses to do what is seemingly the right thing in spite of the fact that Kathy goes through great trouble in order to change his mind. The book shows a somewhat more sympathetic image of…

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