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Information Age and Society's Safety

The information age is the third era that human race has entered. It is referred to as an age as it has affected every society on the globe and has turned out to be global phenomena. Information Age flows the preceding the agricultural and industrial Age. By the term information age we generally refer to the easy means of sharing information through the internet and other modern communication means.

One often confuses information with information society. Information society is limited to certain societies in the world while information age is a global phenomenon (Kizza).

It is also a fact that information is power. Initially it could be difficult to understand how information can be considered as power. But if we consider how everyday life is influenced by information, especially those that are derived from the internet, it would help understand the power that information possess.

Hence it is critical that the information is utilized in a proper manner. As with any other form of power, be it financial or political, power derived from internet information can be misused and used for unethical purposes that can also be potential harmful. This is where modern information age presents certain disadvantages and potentially dangerous aspects consequences for individuals in particular and human race in general.

This paper would deal with three aspects of the potential harmful effects of the information age and argue against proliferation and possible measures and checks to prevent such incidents.

Thesis Statements

1) There is no guarantee of privacy of the personal information stored on the internet and the devices connected to the internet and hence the information age can be considered to put human dignity at risk.


Such descriptions are noted in documents like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In their article titled 'Human dignity: a guide to policy making in the biotechnology era?', authors Timothy Caulfield and Roger Brownsword stresses on the argument that since all humans have dignity, they have the right to self-determination. The authors cite the debates on human dignity with respect to controversial biotechnologies that includes bio-banks, human gene patents, stem cell research and human cloning, all of which are a result of technological and informational advancement in the information age. For example, article 53(a) of the European Patent Convention that a patent on a human gene sequence has stressed on the violation of human dignity when a copy of a human gene sequence is made and stress on the fact that this should not be allowed as it degrades human dignity (Caulfield and Brownsword).

The threat to privacy and private information getting public or being accessed by people not intended to have hands on information is also considered a violation of human dignity. These are often sensitive personal information which the individual does not want others to see. But the information age also has loopholes that are utilized by corrupt individuals to snoop upon and gather personal information for various benefits. Thus it can be said that the information age has put to threat basic human dignity.

This corruption…

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