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Reflection on Medical Error

To err is human, and the doctors are human themselves, proving that medical errors are inevitable. The Institute of Medicine released a publication that stated that 98,000 deaths were accounted for the medical errors each year, which were even greater than the road accidents (Bari, Khan & Rathore, 2016).

The Healthcare system is becoming more complex each day with the up-gradation of the technologies and new scientific methods with discoveries; even a simple method of administering the right medication involves several humans in the process (Jacob, 2017). This paper aims at elucidating a personal account of the medical error and how it affected the healthcare providers, patients, and their families.

The medical errors related to anesthesia are critical as 947 out of 1000 ICU cases have been reported due to anesthesia medication errors (Kothari et al., 2010). The mortality and morbidity of these errors are expected to be much higher as many cases are unreported due to reasons like variation in population data, clinical practice, repute damage for the hospital and the physician, method of reporting, data collection, and lacking the homogeneity for its definition.

I witnessed a personal experience within my observation before the doctors were sure that they are normal and could go home.

The inside information of the actual problem that happened within the operation theatre, except for the nurse who told only about the low blood pressure levels of the…

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