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She does feel she is an extravert and would prefer to be around people than alone. In addition one of the reasons she feels she learns about behaviors best is by observing them is that she senses their true motives and ambitions. She also agrees with the part of the test that labels her P. because she goes on her perceptions of situations.

When I took the test I had similar results in that I was denoted an ESTP. I agree with the test results as well. I am an extravert personality. I love to talk and be noticed. In addition I sense things and use that sensing to base many decisions on both in my personal and professional life.

Nicole feels that her experiences as a young child dealing with drug addiction in her family contributed significantly to her personality development. She learned at a young age to sense things that were going on and she learned to use her feelings and not judge her parents but to have detached compassion for them. These experiences helped her shape her personality in how she deals with the world on professional and personal level each day.

I believe my need for quiet to study was developed by the fact that I did not have the chaos in my house that Nicole may have had. We had a quiet upbringing in which our needs were met with love and consistency which provided me with the personality tools to evaluate situations based on sensing as well.

Nicole does believe that she is an accurate self-monitor because she has to work with addiction issues in her job....


Self-monitoring reactions and feelings about clients is an important element to that position, otherwise the recommendations she provided would be based in reaction not proactive research.

She monitors herself through the use of a journal and recording her feelings and reactions to specific situations at work and at home to determine how well she is handling stress.

A on the other hand am not very good at self-monitoring sometimes.

A tend to think more than feel and I don't actually understand how to monitor my reactions or my instincts when it comes to certain elements of life both professionally and personally. It is something I plan to work on with consistency.

Nicole believes that the strongest influence on her attitudes has been her profession. Through her job as a drug counselor she has encountered people from all walks of life, both rich and poor, educated and illiterate who have succumbed to addiction. In that line of work she has been heavily influenced to understand the need for compassion and structure in the lives of those she encounters.

Nicole feels that ethnicity does play a role in the development of personality and attitude as each person encounters society within his or her skin. She also believes that gender plays a role as society has a mindset about how men and women should act.

Nicole is very intrinsically motivated and does things for the pleasure of doing them. She does not need external validation or reward for the work she performs and believes that her purpose in life has to do with her desire to help.

I am more extrinsically motivated and many of the things that I do are actually part of a larger project in which many people are involved. I do like recognition for my contributions whether it is a monetary recognition or other types of recognition.

While the two of us have several differences in our personalities and our style of getting things done we also have several…

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