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(Brookes, 2001)

Mobile surveillance is when officials are monitoring the cell phone communication of a suspect. A good example of this; is when federal agents are listening in on the cell phone conversations of suspected terrorist leaders. (Brookes, 2001)

Camera surveillance is when video cameras are used to monitor what is occurring at a particular location. A good example would be when; surveillance cameras are used to monitor public infrastructure such as: the subway system for suspicious activity. (Brookes, 2001)

Social networking analysis is when you are monitoring the overall activities of someone on the different social networking sites. During the course of a terrorist operation, this would be used to establish the overall personality of the suspect; and determine how they are connecting with the rest of the organization. (Brookes, 2001)

Biometric analysis is when you are using biological features to identify suspects, such as: finger prints or facial recognition technology. An example, as to when this would be used in terrorism; would be when law enforcement is trying to indentify someone as the terrorist that they are looking for. (Brookes, 2001)

Aerial surveillance is when various aerial drones are used to gather information. An example of this; would be when an aerial drone is monitoring the activity of a terrorist operative in Yemen. (Brookes, 2001)

Satellite surveillance is when satellites are used to gather intelligence. In this particular case, officials could use the high resolution cameras to monitor the location of suspected terrorists.

Data mining is when you are looking for abnormalities to determine the activity that someone is up to. An example of this would include: monitoring those IP addresses for unusual activity at web sites that are known for terrorist activity. (Brookes, 2001)

Surveillance devices are when you are using electronic devices such as: bugs to gather intelligence. An example of this; is when; law enforcement is using a bug to listen to what suspected terrorists could be involved in. (Brookes, 2001)

Global position is when the police are planting an electronic tracking device to monitor the movement of an individual. An example of this would be: when law enforcement places a GPS tracking device in a vehicle, to see where suspected terrorists are
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going. (Brookes, 2001)

Define left-wing extremism, right-wing extremism, and Single-Issue/Special Interest extremism. Give examples of each and explain the difference between extremism and terrorism.

Left wing terrorism is when: individuals that are of particular left wing belief are engaging in terrorism, to have their concerns heard about a particular issue. An example of left wing extremism would be: the Simbonese Liberation Army. Who kidnapped Patty Hearst during the 1970's. Their overall objective; was to hold her for random, so that they can continue with their overthrow of the U.S. government. At which point, they would impose a communist leaning government. In this case, left wing groups want to see the ideals of communism, socialism or anarchy addressed. (Schmid, 2006)

Right wing terrorism is when: individuals are motivated to engage in acts of terrorism based on right leaning issues. An example of right wing terrorism; would be the Oklahoma City Bombing, where Timothy McVeigh was motivated by the writings in the white supremacist book the Turner Diaries. In this case, the right wing extremist wants to have their agenda addressed. The only way that they can achieve this objective is through violent means. (Schmid, 2006)

Single issue or special interest terrorism is when: the individual is motivated by a single issue to commit various acts of terrorism. An example of this; would be when animal rights activists break into a laboratory that is used in medical research. At which point, they destroy the lab and set the different animals that are experimented on free. In this particular case these individuals are motivated by the sole purpose of having their concerns pointed out on the one issue. (Schmid, 2006)

While all of the different terrorist may have underlying reasons for the activities that they engage in. The reality, is that all of these groups are using terrorism to point out issues; that they feel are not being addressed by the political process.


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