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Crisis in the Church

When it comes to crises in the church community, the counselor has to be mindful of how to be prepared beforehand. Just as community planners will plan ahead so that in the event of a disaster the proper channels of communication are open and people know how to respond, so too does a minister need to have a plan in place for when or if a disaster should affect the church community.

Other things a minister has to keep in mind are the basics: people’s basic needs are likely going to have be met—food, water, shelter—these are the things people will be looking for in an event of a disaster, as Floyd points out in Chapter 12.

Leaders have to be found and appointed so that there is not chaos and disorder, with some people or groups trying to take command and others trying to exert control. The disaster that was Hurricane Katrina showed what can happen when there is no planning and no leadership. Nothing gets done and the situation worsens. The minister has to have leaders tapped and ready who know their roles.

Public relations are also important. The minister cannot be shy about communicating to the public. The public needs to know who is available and what the information is regarding the church functions and the community help that is available. The minister has to be mindful of the need for information.

The main thing is that the church not be a passive observer in the event of a crisis. The church should get involved and be a participant in helping out. Those in the most need will see Christ shining through the activities and selfless work of the minister and the church should they choose to get involved, help out, and help lead people out of the darkness of the crisis, as Wright notes.

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