Mental Health And It Benefits For Civilization Case Study

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Excerpt from Case Study :

1. Based on the symptoms described, how concerned should the family be?

As a family member, I would be very concerned with Jasons history. For one, he suddenly shifted his behavior from a more subtle and normal mannerisms to one which is more chaotic. He suddenly shifted his behavior to after showing a period of normal behavior. This indicates that a shift has occurred in his mannerisms and thought processes. As a family member, I would be very worried about the symptoms he is showing as it relates to his behavior (Canda, 2013)

2. What should be their initial response?

There initial response by family members should be to determine the cause pf the unusual behaviors. From the case study, it appears the issues have occurred after college and may have been triggered from an event after graduation. Jason is hearing voices which is concerning considering that he was not hearing these same voices while in college or prior. He is talking to himself on a constant basis which is also concerning. The initial response should therefore be related to what is the cause of the voices and why they have suddenly appeared (Canda, 2009).

3. What services would be of assistance to Jason?

The services offered would be related to psychological treatment and deciphering what the voices that Jason is hearing are related to. It is very concerning as Jason believes the voices are real.…others due to the voices. Services should be rendered to properly address the voices that Jason is hearing and the cause of them (Bussema, 2007).

4. What actions need to be taken with Jasons employer?

The employer should provide Jason with a temporary leave of absence. Currently, Jason is a danger to his fellow employees and their corresponding families. According to the case, Jason has been experiencing visions that other can not see. The case also indicates that Jason is talking to the spirits, meaning that he may act on these conversations with them. By acting on conversations with the sprits he may engage in activities that adversely impact his employer.

5. What is a significant factor in relations to…

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