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While the school itself would solely be 'click,' the site could also offer cookbooks that could be bought both online and at bookstores, for people who did not want to take every course, but liked the approach of the site. And the site could have joint 'brick-based' promotions with various types of cooking supply and food supply companies. This website could capitalize upon the increased popularity of cooking at home, and the desire of people to learn how to cook, despite being pressed for time. The attractions of sharing with a community would mimic that of the types of communities created on blogs and through YouTube, but with more direction about how to cook. The persuasive message could underline, depending on the course, the health benefits of cooking your own food, the social and romantic benefits, and the personal enrichment aspects of learning how to cook. "Cooking is a great way to count calories;" "Cooking is the best way to a woman's heart;" or "Finally cross learning how to cook off of your to-do list" are all potential slogans.

Many people have an interest in food today, as evidenced by the popularity of the film Julie and Julia, the book the Omnivore's Dilemma, and the Food Network. The interest in local and sustainably-grown food indicates how people wish to improve their diets. Concerns about obesity are driving people into the kitchen -- their own, and their children's need to maintain a healthy weight has become a priority. However, many people never...


By tapping into anxieties about becoming overweight and unhealthy, and pairing this message with a desire to gain a more sophisticated understanding of how to improve one's food intake, the website could mount a broad-based persuasive strategy that could interest many potential consumers. Even the advertising could reduce 'noise' of distracting messages, by focusing on sponsorship of sustainable, healthy, and gourmet products.
The message conveyed overall would be that an online cooking school is a wonderful way to learn how to cook quickly, and to share with like-minded people. Classes for parents enable mothers and fathers to share healthy recipes, while aspiring Emerils can take more complicated courses and get experience being television chef by posting home-style movies. The likely demographic for such a program would be technologically astute twentysomethings who enjoy taking digital pictures, making short videos, and engage similar technologically-forward pursuits that involve self-improvement (some might say self-promotion) while sharing with online friends.

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