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Personal Statement

During my third year of my undergraduate studies in mathematics I was struggling to stay attentive to my required courses. Although I deeply enjoy mathematics and mathematics theory, I was finding that much of my academic time was being spent studying theories and abstract material. I also found that I couldn't discuss my work with many of my friends outside of my major because the topics were not relatable. After experience some deep frustration during my first term, I enrolled in an Operations Research course and from the first day of class, and I enjoyed the course material and the very practical mathematics applications we discussed and read about. I began learning about topics that connected mathematical analysis to concrete issues in the financial and technology industries, and for the first time I saw how my coursework related to many current events. My near-perfect grade in the course is a reflection of my enthusiasm for the coursework and my superior abilities to master the topics covered.

Very early in my academic career I always had natural affinity towards mathematics and science and found it easy to excel in all of my coursework. I enjoy complex problems and I am continuously fascinated by how technology evolves at a rapid rate. Like many people my age, I grew up using computers to not only complete my academic work but also communicate with others and entertain myself. When I entered college I thrived in my coursework because I was driven by e genuine interest in the subject matter and a love of problem solving.

I originally planned to enroll in graduate school with the goal of entering academia because I have had a long-standing interest in mathematics research. After having more extensive exposure to Operational Research topics, however, it became very clear to me many industries offer opportunities that will use my skills and meet my interests. Currently, I plan to pursue a career in the technology market, and I'd specifically like to work with network design, online problems and dynamic optimization. To that end I have completed a year-long internship as a research assistant in my university's mathematics department, and I have worked on two separate projects, both of which explore problem solving…

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