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¶ … Politics Survey No, I really do not tend to see a relationship between my values and my politics. My values are largely predicated on individuality. I do not generally see myself as part of a crowd, and I prefer autonomy and license over partisanship and consensus. In that respect, I truly feel alienated from most politics. Actually, I have a difficult time developing a conviction for which facet of politics is worse: the ultra-conservatives who have all the money and horde it proportionately, or the liberals who are always satisfied with some gesture and who never get around to actually effecting any sort of change. In fact, I would be willing to posit the notion that it is due to my values that I have a minimal involvement in politics. I suppose at heart I am a true cynic -- a skeptic of sorts who does not even necessarily believe in the goodwill of my fellow mankind. I think that my values reflect this fact, which is why I always stress individuality . However, I am not too convinced that my politics -- or lack of political convention reflects this fact. Sometimes, my politics just seems like general apathy, which is a term I would not use to refer to my values.

Unfortunately, I would not say that the survey captured me accurately. There were not enough choices to fit my true opinions...


Thus, I ended up selecting an option which really did not reflect my opinion on the subject at hand. Furthermore, there were a couple of questions which did not apply to me and which I truly did not have an opinion on. Thus, I ended up selecting a choice that was not accurate simply because I had to select one of the choices. In this respect, I think the survey could have been much more improved by allowing takers to merely write in their own answers without having to select some phrase from the surveyors. Additionally, some of the answer choices were vague and left a considerable amount of room for interpretation. As such, I would unequivocally state that the survey did not capture me accurately. I believe it got a vague outline of someone, but did not come close to filling in all of the details of my true personality or even of my outlook on life. In truth, I would have been truly surprised if it had been able to do such things. There were not too many surprises in the results of this survey. Essentially, it revealed the fact that I am not much interested in politics (to quote an answer from the survey itself). I would have been…

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