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¶ … population (or data) you plan to sample for your study. There are a variety of sampling methods from which to choose. Your choice of sampling method will depend on your research design and method. For instance, if you are using a qualitative method you might use purposive or snowball sampling. If you are using a quantitative method, you might use simple random sampling or systematic random sampling. Like research methods, sampling methods each have specific strengths and limitations in terms of reliability and validity. There are also ethical considerations when using sampling methods with certain populations such as children, the elderly, the developmentally disabled, and individuals who are institutionalized.

Write a brief description of the population or type of data you plan to sample for your dissertation. Then describe the sampling method you plan to use and explain why you plan to use it. Finally, describe at least two issues (e.g., reliability, validity, and/or


Be specific.

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Sampling Method

As stated in earlier documents in regards to this topic, the overall objective of this research is to determine the interventions which can minimize the hazards of negative outcomes for youths at-risk. The study depends on a strong foundation which examines effective parenting styles and strategies in relation to conflict and in connection to children who have a higher proclivity to violence. Since much of the research conducted is going to be highly exploratory, it's important to get the most relevant sample of participants possible. Thus, if the researchers realize mid-way through the study that other tactics and tools should be used to gather data or otherwise adjust the plan, they will still have a compilation of the most relevant individuals for the purpose of the study.

Given the purposes of this study and the overall goals of the research, a purposive sampling method would be ideal. A purposive sample…is one that is selected based on the knowledge of a population and the purpose of the study. The subjects are selected because of some characteristic" (Crossman, 2014). As a result of the fact that this research is primarily concerned with specific cases of behavior and actions within specific communities that are considered outside of the norm, as inner city neighborhoods and families are being closely examined. Thus, because smaller minorities of people are being examined, researchers will be able to gain a more marked sense of the dynamics which influence them. Thus, a purposive sampling method will allow research select the families and individuals that are…

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