Prevalence Of Economic Inequality In America Article Review

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Racial and economic inequality persists. Why do many people deny it?

The main social problem discussed in the article is economic inequality and why most people prefer to ignore that it exists (Sumagaysay & Berman, Jan. 26, 2022). If a person does not acknowledge something, it does not take up space in their minds, and they can lead their life as they prefer. Most white Americans have continuously ignored the existence of economic and racial inequality, and they prefer to assume that the reason for these inequalities is that black people are lazy. Using such perspectives, they can easily ignore the glaring economic inequality within society. A sociological perspective is presented by demonstrating how people do not mix with others from different backgrounds. Segregation begins in school, where K-12 schools are divided along racial and economic lines (Sumagaysay & Berman, Jan. 26, 2022). Colleges are segregated along the same lines, and workers will not interact or mix with others from different backgrounds. Segregation causes people not to see the growing economic inequality since they only interact with others within the same economic status. It is not possible to notice the impact of economic inequality if you only interact with those from the same educational and income levels. It becomes easy to blame the poor and assume they are not hard-working. However,…neighborhoods and be run by those with ties in the community.

Social disorganization will improve the analysis of the article by demonstrating the causes of economic inequality and showing how we can institute changes that will improve the poor neighborhoods. Spreading the wealth should start by acknowledging inequality and measure taken to reduce or eliminate the inequality. Using social disorganization, we can point out areas that have been neglected, and the analysis will not focus on why people deny the existence of economic inequality. Without offering solutions, we cannot eliminate the bias. The theory improves the article's analysis by showing how there have been systemic disadvantages placed on poor people and how they…

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Sumagaysay, L., & Berman, J. (Jan. 26, 2022). Racial and economic inequality persists. Why do many people deny it? Market Watch.

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