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Tobacco Education and Outreach Specialist


Regularly reviews published peer-reviewed literature on the health impacts of tobacco use and addiction, and writes blog posts and news articles based on this data.

Designs and implements outreach programs for varying demographics, focusing on smoking prevention as well as smoking cessation.

Investigates local tobacco retailers and ensures compliance with tobacco control legislation.

Issues warning letters accordingly when tobacco vendors have been shown to violate tobacco control legislation.

Provides, when necessary, testimony in courtrooms for tobacco-related lawsuits.

Creates comprehensive tobacco education programs for the corporate sector, with the goal of helping organizations become tobacco-free environments.

Works closely with local health care organizations including private clinics and hospitals, to promote tobacco education services.


Degree in public health administration, nursing, or related field.

Work or internship experience in a public health organization.

Strong verbal and written communication skills.


$35,000-$45,000 ("Community Outreach Specialist Careers," n.d.)


Recruitment strategies will begin with college job fairs, working especially with public health and nursing program directors. Additionally, companies providing internship opportunities for students in public health and related fields can be an ideal starting point for recruitment. It is important to work with multiple stakeholders, including "researchers, academics, and public health practitioners in efforts to assure adequate numbers of skilled and competent workers for the future," ("Recruitment and Retention," n.d.).


All non-discrimination hiring policies will be strictly followed, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and the laws that fall under the rubric of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission that address specific types of discrimination (United States Department of Labor, 2016).

Section II: Summary

This job description, including duties and qualifications, would be slightly different today from in the recent past. Tobacco outreach, education, and enforcement has been an important public health issue for many years. Therefore, work in this area has been in demand for quite some time. Best practices in human resources management illustrate the need to work with multiple parties when designing a position that is multidisciplinary like this one, as it involves communication and outreach as well as enforcement of tobacco-related laws. It is important to remember anti-discrimination policies when crafting any job description, and there is no reason to believe that this position should pose any problems with compliance with equal opportunity laws.

As Huselid (1995) points out, best practices in human resources also takes into account organization-level…

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