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A school uniforms essay outline will want to follow a basic outline structure, with an introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction should provide the argument.  Will the paper be pro school uniforms or against them?  Why?  Give some hint of the reasons in the introduction.  For the body, the outline should focus on each of those reasons, dedicating at least a paragraph to each one.  In the conclusion, reiterate the main points of the paper and wrap it up with a final thought.  Take a look at our template and example below.

School Uniforms Essay Outline Template

I. Introduction

a. The intro needs a hook—something to get the reader’s interest.

b. Follow the hook up with your argument and support it with a few brief ideas.

c. State your thesis—your main point and how you will prove it.

II. First Supporting Paragraph

a. This is where you can put your first main point.  Decide whether you want your best point to come first or last.  Usually, saving it for last has the most effect—so you might want to start the body of the paper off with your minor point and build up to the most convincing evidence.

b. Segue from this point to the next before leaving the paragraph.

III. Second Supporting Paragraph

a. Give the reader your next most important point and support it with relevant information.



Close out the paragraph by looking forward to the next point and preview it here or use a transition to pave the way for it.

IV. Third Supporting Paragraph

a. This will be your most important paragraph in terms of making a point:  save your strongest evidence for this paragraph so that your reader is really convinced.

b. Emphasize the argument here and lead your reader into the final concluding paragraph.

V. Conclusion

a. Restate the argument.

b. Restate the reasons (evidence) for the argument.

School Uniforms Essay Outline Example

I. Introduction

a. School is not about looks but studying.

b. That said, how a student dresses can impact how the student studies.

c. Fashion should not be the primary concern of the student, but it ends up becoming it when there is no dress code:  school uniforms should be welcomed.

II. First Supporting Paragraph

a. Without uniforms, students can feel pressured to fit in by focusing on fashion trends.

b. This distracts from actually doing school work.

c. Students who wear uniforms tend to do better academically (Bodine,  2003).  But this is far from the most important reason

III. Second Supporting Paragraph

a. School uniforms help students conform to the vision the school has for itself.

b. Conformity vs. individuality may seem like a problem for some, but students should be expected to conform when at their school and the uniform helps them to do that (Caruso, 1996).

c. Schools exist to shape the student:  they are…

Sources Used in Documents:


Bodine, A. (2003). School uniforms, academic achievement, and uses of research. The  Journal of Educational Research, 97(2), 67-71.

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Murray, R. K. (1997). The impact of school uniforms on school climate. NASSP Bulletin, 81(593), 106-112.

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