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¶ … security career is varied, offering people wishing to pursue this option with jobs like security guard, loss prevention specialist, crossing guard, deputy sheriff, even security management specialists. The cross fields and some need special training as well as a degree for a person to gain access too, not to mention, some jobs requires prior experience, at least one year. With that said, the most in demand and easy to apply and access job in the security career field is loss prevention specialist. Although it can be hard at times to catch suspected shoplifters, it will teach the person working the job, how to spot suspected criminal activity and learn how to properly detain and question criminal suspects.

Often this kind of job only requires a high school diploma and doesn't need long-term training. Furthermore, the hours are not long unless the person elects to work for a 24-hour store, which in that case, they may risk working long and odd shifts. Although security guards are in demand, they sometimes require training that may take a little longer than expected, especially when handling firearms. Sometimes this training is paid for, other times it is not. Normally for people wishing to become security guards, they get the worst shifts, working throughout the night and sleeping in the day.

At least with loss prevention, one can effectively deal with customers either in the surveillance room or catch people in the act while pretending to be a customer. This offers variety, and some excitement as they when they catch the perpetrator, they can proceed with the steps of getting a confession, banning the person, and possible arresting said shoplifter. It also safer than the job of a security guard as most shoplifters are not prone to violence and are just doing it for fun or in some cases, necessity.

The investigation side of this job also allows for the person to sharper his/her detective skills should he/she wish to pursue a criminal...


It also allows the person freshly immersed into the career, valuable insight and experience in how to do certain job responsibilities and deal with suspected criminals. Some even go on to work for bigger companies as chance for promotion increases with more cases handled. The need for private security is also in the rise and people can and will hire those who are competent and well versed in handling potential threats and criminal behavior (Nemeth, 2005, p. 112).

Part II: Chapter 3

1. What factors are increasing career opportunities in security?

Many factors are increasing career opportunities in security. "Among the factors that create inviting career opportunities in security, none is more significant than the explosive growth of the protection function…The events of September 11, 2001 also added to an already healthy growth of the security industry" (Fischer & Green, 2012, p. 39). The chapter details three factors that contributed to the initial and current within the security job sector. The first comes from the security re-evaluation aftermath of the September 11th attacks. This initial wave of need for security promoted use of electronic security as well as desire for more security personnel.

The second factor was uninsured losses over increase security personnel. The cost of hiring new security staff was less than covering for uninsured losses. The third was, "…the recession in the economy put pressure on security executives to cut costs. In 2007 the economy was improved and the cost of insurance was once again under control, and companies were investing in the protection of company assets and hiring "professional" security staff" (Fischer & Green, 2012, p. 40). People after the…

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