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DNP Project Stakeholder Analysis

Project Manager

Stakeholder Role Profile

These questions will encourage the project team to consider a wide variety of stakeholders. Use these questions to identify as many stakeholders as possible. After generating the list, you may decide some of the stakeholders are represented by other stakeholders or will have so little involvement in the project that you dont need to consider them and you may remove them from your list.

This list is a starting point

Add questions to this list that fit your project environment. If you miss an important stakeholder on one project, add a question to this list that will cause the next project team to identify that stakeholder.

For each of the questions below answer the question: Who?


All stakeholders that apply. Use peoples names whenever possible.


Approves funding for this project?

DNP Program Director


Approves functional requirements?

Project faculty advisor, academic program coordinator, research coordinator, DNP program director


Approves technical requirements?

Organizational leader


Approves design decisions?

Project mentor, organizational leader


Approves changes to requirements?

Project mentor, organizational leader, project faculty advisor, DNP program director, research coordinator


Approves changes affecting schedule?

Faculty advisor, project mentor, organizational leader


Approves changes affecting cost?

DNP program director, project mentor


Will use the product or service produced by the project?

Partner organizations staff


Set the organizational goals that drive the necessity of this project?

Project mentor, organizational leader


Will assign people to the project team and determine the hours per day they work on the project?

Project mentor, organizational leader, student


Approves contracts for suppliers?

Organizational leader


Is the manager or executive sponsoring this project (will use their authority on behalf of the project team to overcome organizational obstacles)?

Hospital Board of Directors, Executive manager in charge of operations in the hospital board of directors


Will manage the project (provide leadership to assure tasks are assigned and completed on time, cost and schedule are monitored, issues are identified and resolved)?

Organizational leader, project mentor


Represents organization policies governing this project?

Organizational leader, board of directors


Represents regulations or laws affecting this project?

Organizational leader, board of directors


Will have their work disrupted by this project?

Hospital staff, including nurses, physicians, and pharmacists


Will have to change their systems or processes because of this project?

Hospital staff, patients


Will benefit from this project? (If this…they present a specific threat or opportunity?



What perception do you want them to have about the project?

That it will be beneficial to the organization


Title: Hospital staff nurses, physicians


What is their contribution to the project?

They participate in the project by taking medication safety lessons


To whom do they report?

Organizational leader


What authority do they have over the project?

They will give their input on whether the project should proceed to the next step


What is their goal for the project (what is their stake in the project) and how does it relate to their organizations goal or other personal goals? (What makes this a win for them?)

They hope to experience fewer medication errors upon completion of the project


Do they present a specific threat or opportunity?

Their level of skill and competence will influence the success of the project


What perception do you want them to have about the project?

That it will be beneficial to the organization

Plan Communication

Use the Communication Plan and Responsibility Matrix templates to document roles and responsibilities and how youll keep your stakeholders engaged and informed.

Fast Foundation for…

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