Strengths Section Within The Mayo Clinic SWOT Analysis

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Mayo Clinic SWOT Analysis


Brand Recognition The mayo clinic has a strong and well-recognized brand which allows it to garner donations, joint venture capital, government funding, and more. The mayo clinic, due in part to its brand has the ability to attract and retain top talent within the healthcare field.

Heavy Research and Innovation Focus - The mayo clinic has a very strong focus on innovation and research that allows it to provide societal benefits to the world. A heavy focus on innovation allows the organization to provide better benefits to society as compared to its other healthcare counterparts.

Strong Fundraising Ability Due to its brand and market leading position, the Mayo clinic has very strong fundraising capacity derived from a large and wealthy funding constituency. First, the government provides various grants and subsidies. Second, the clinic due in part to its importance to society, receives substantial donations from wealthy individuals (Healthy Travel Media, 2011).

Technological Infrastructure Through its heavy fund-raising capacity, the Mayo clinic can more readily deploy technology throughout its entire network. This technological infrastructure allows it to seamless integrated applications such as medical records in a much more seamless manner. The system records important details like availability of the patient, laboratory tests, comments by doctors and any other diagnosis being given. When combined with big data analytics and A.I. it can help to improve patient outcomes for clients around the world (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2015).


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