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They also agree on ways of scoring the tests. The assessments given are either e summative or formative (Gamble 2008. Teachers need to expand their instructional repertoire by getting to learn different classroom initiatives from other PLC members when responding question. The third element involves taking into consideration on how to respond if the students do not learn. PLC makes use of an 80% test score as an informal evaluation of learners understanding (LaFee 2003).

In instances that a few students score below 80%, a teacher with high marks teaches all these learners instead of every teacher having to teach their students individually all again. When most of the students gets below 80%, teachers can learn successful initiatives from their PLC and make plans to teach the lesson again (LaFee 2003).Working in PLCs gives teachers' time to collaborate with one another other closely, thus helping them to share strategies as well as techniques that are efficient as they learn from each another. When teachers decide to work together as a substitute of individually, learners can be more regularly prepared to go to the next. This initiative is significant in enhancing student achievement.

Working in a PLC gives teachers the chance for working together with other teachers. The center helps students to students learn, and this makes a better teacher. This has assisted in fostering a collective initiative in improving achievement for each student. It has been noted that there is power in working together in groups to enhance student learning. PLC establishes a school culture that morale is high as a teacher and student abrasion is low. This brings into focus the importance of offering the opportunity for teachers to work together to find common solutions, that is necessary in improving students performance.


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