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Video: How to Dance the Viennese Waltz

I truly enjoyed watching the video "How to dance the Viennese Waltz" by Valencia productions. I felt that this particular video was able to capture the best of both worlds: a high aesthetic value coupled with a high production value. The video featured graceful dancers, dazzling colors, a magnificent score and was still able to capture a high amount of value for the spectator. The camera movements were able to very swiftly captures the lilting and graceful movements of the dancers in a manner that was not at all jerky. By capturing this strongly aesthetic introduction to the instructional film, it gives the viewer a strong sense of what the "finished product" is supposed to look like. The video also seamlessly goes from this introduction to the instructional segment very smoothly. The blue background that the teacher stands in front of is just the appropriate color: it's regal and royal, giving the screen a splash of color, but doesn't take attention away from what is being said. The information being presented to the view is truly of an important value. The speaker is able to explain a lucid overview of this particular dance, explaining at the same time why it is so beautiful, and yet, why it is so difficult.

This video is a perfect example of how nowadays one can learn anything by watching a video and the immense power of the Internet. For instance, the following blogger offers up numerous examples as to how to Youtube videos can empower the average individual to learning new skills and that the possibilities are truly endless. "One of my neighbors learned how to roof her entire house by watching YouTube videos. The same neighbor also re-plumbed her entire house from watching YouTube videos. My brother-in-law learned how to shear his sheep from YouTube. I've used YouTube for countless instructional videos for new techniques and styles of playing guitar. Just recently, I took an entire series on how to play bluegrass guitar -- all from YouTube. YouTube was invaluable in helping me learn how to convert honeycomb into beeswax. I have many more examples" (Bajarin, 2013). While we're not dealing with YouTube videos here, the sentiments expressed demonstrate that there really is a boundlessness with what you can learn from watching a video. With a video like the one under scrutiny in this review, the possibilities are…

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