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In his theory of evolution, Darwin argued that evolution occurred because of natural selection, wherein the determining principle is, "survival of the fittest." That is, in a given population and a given environment, certain individuals have certain characteristics that would make survive and thrive. As thriving happens, adaptation occurs, wherein the individual ensures that s/he is able to cope with the changes, state, and dynamics of his/her environment. This theory of evolution enforced the idea of competition and the concept of survival, concepts that became more relevant to societies as they became immersed in the industrialized economy and the eventual dominance of the capitalist economy, which is motivated also by the spirit of competition and 'survival of the fittest.'

The Victorian ethos was created and developed in the context of the emerging industrialization...
...The Victorian ethos held that society is in progress, and that human society has never been better before than its present state, and that this progress towards betterment can be furthered. As a result of this moral belief, volunteerism became prevalent in Western societies, as certain individuals attempted to make human society indeed a better place to live in by improving other people's lives, through their help. More importantly, the Victorian ethos instilled a need for modern societies to promote social reformation, wherein living conditions of the working class were given more focus and concern, to induce the improved quality of life that the Victorian ethos advocated for.

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