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Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Conflict in the Middle East small piece of land, at points only 2-3 miles wide in a barely habitable part of the world has been theater on which the pivotal events of all world history have been played. The nation of Israel clutches it's historical rights to desert real estate in opposition to the overwhelming arabs and Muslims which surround them. While there is periodic talk of peace, the culturally is that Israel has no intention of giving up what it sees as its divine inheritance, and the Muslim and Palestinian peoples have no intention of allowing Israel to become a prosperous nation. Each countries' perspective is shaped by what it sees as it's divine heritage. Each country has descended from a single ancestor, and therefore perceives it's inherited rights to the land as legal, social, familial, and a matter of divine right.

Entering into this family squabble between the Hatfields and the Mc Coy's are Christians. With no generational rights to the land, Christian believers claim that the territory has been the heritage of God's people, through Abraham to David to Christ. They therefore side with the Israelites claims, and with their allegiance comes the military and political might, and economic support which the West has built over the centuries. This places the West in an untenable position. Dependant on the oil of the Muslim world, and allied with the Jewish nation, the West must walk a tightrope of shifting allegiances. In the last two decades, the West has been caught fighting a nation which it was aiding only a few years previously. Alternately wearing the hats of ally, peacemaker, occupational force, and military defender, even the casual observer has to wonder when the West will hopelessly offend a significant player the middle east, and forever end its ability to influence the "peace process."

The dispute, if it can be distilled to it's most simple form, is this. Israel came back to the land it now calls its and dispelled the arabs which occupied the land. Since that time, the arabs have been intent on returning to what they perceive as their home land. In the…

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