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I have an assignment essay on united airlines vs spirit airlines inc. do you have resources on both airlines?


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A comparison and contrast essay on two specific service providers is a little different from comparison and contrast essays on ideas or people because you are going to always want to focus on the customer’s experience.  However, if you are writing the essay for a business class, you would be focusing on different aspects such as corporate structure, stock price, etc.  So, keep that in mind when writing your essay.  Are you providing more of a user review or a business analysis and structure your essay accordingly.

It is also important to keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has really changed travel.  This means that reviews or comparisons prior to March 2020 probably will not convey the information that you need to write a compare and contrast essay.  One review we like for this can be found at The Points Guy Website and specifically compares 14 airlines for their post-COVID travel experiences.  This resource not only details what the airlines are promising to do, but provides actual accounts of travel on both Spirit and United, so that you can highlight aspects of that for a comparison and contrast. 

If your essay is focused on a business perspective, we like using Glassdoor’s comparison feature to look at how employers in the same industry compare.  This comparison reveals the employee experience at both organizations to be roughly equivalent, with United scoring higher in three categories, Spirit scoring higher and two categories, and the two companies tying in four categories.  There is also significant industry buzz about Spirit in terms of investment strategies right now, with its stock soaring compared to other airlines, including United.  Investor Place has an article comparing Spirit’s long-term strategies with strategies by the big four airlines and examining whether the company’s prediction that it will recover from the pandemic more quickly than its competitors is backed by facts. 

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