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I need help with forming a good title for my research paper on greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect?


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The greenhouse effect, the impact of greenhouse gases, and climate change are all extremely topical issues.  They are considered political, but the science strongly supports the idea that these gases are increasing the earth’s average temperature, creating global climate change, fostering superstorms, and rapidly making the earth less habitable to humans. 

Here are some titles that would be appropriate for a range of essays about greenhouses gases and the greenhouse effect:

  1. Greenhouses Gases: Great for Plants, Not so Great for Humans
  2. How Manmade Climate Change Differs from Natural Climate Change
  3. Jurassic World: Are Greenhouse Gases Returning Us to the Climate Where Dinosaurs Ruled?
  4. Climate Isn’t Weather: How the Greenhouse Effect Can Make the World Hotter and Still Create More Dramatic Winter Conditions Around the Globe
  5. Water Vapor: The Most Prevalent and Least Dangerous of the Greenhouse Gases
  6. Cow Farts: Are They Really Stinking Up the Environment?
  7. Reversing the Greenhouse Effect: Can It Be Done in Time
  8. Carbon Credits: Hocus Pocus or Genuine Strategy?
  9. How Greenhouse Gases and Infrared Radiation Create Climate Change
  10. Science Versus Greed: Understanding the Politics Behind Global Warming Deniers

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