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Thank you, darling. I'll wear it all the time.


You better. it's the Key to my Heart.

They kiss across the table.


How would you feel about meeting my parents?




My mother wants you to come for dinner tomorrow night and we'll go on a trip with them to the cottage, maybe go out on the boat. Daddy thought we'd go to the casino Saturday night.

Sound like fun?

JIM nods)

Anna, do they know I'm black?

ANNA haven't told them. it's not that I'm avoiding it, but it's just so meaningless. I'm sure they're going to be all right with it.


What makes you think so?


They've always had black friends who came to the house. I've never known either one of them to make a slur or tell a racial joke. Daddy contributes to the N-double-ACP.


And that's gonna make it okay?


Anna comes out of the doctor's office where Jim waits. They kiss, then hold hands as they walk toward Jim's car.




Remember I told you Dr. Cochrane said could never have kids?

They step off the curb to cross the street.




I'm pregnant!

Jim is surprised and doesn't believe her at first. He stops.


You're *****tin' me! Really?

They jump back as suddenly a car with screeching brakes and blaring horn nearly hits them! The DRIVER puts his head out the window angrily and shakes "the finger" at them.


*****s! Why'ncha watch where yer goin'?


Anna's parents live in a two-story mansion on a quiet tree-lined street.


Anna's parents home is spacious and opulent. Anna's MOTHER, a well-dressed, charming fifty-year-old woman comes in from the garden where dinner has been laid. She appears momentarily stunned when she sees Jim, then recovers her poise, and reaches out graciously to shake hands with him.


So this is the young man she's been hiding from us. I'm so happy to meet you at last.

She turns and calls upstairs.

MOTHER (cont'd)

Howard? They're here, dear. And dinner is waiting in the garden.

FATHER (o. s.)


Father comes down the stairs smiling, but stops short when he sees Jim. He is shocked and dismayed. He looks at Anna questioningly.


Daddy, I want you to meet somebody special. This is Jim.


You can't be serious.



FATHER to Anna)

What's the matter with you? Are you crazy?


What's the matter with you? I bring home the man I love, and you act like this?

JIM to Father)

Sir, I guess this is a shock for you. I apologize you weren't warned


Warned? That she's bringing home a nigger?

Jim turns to Anna.


That's it. I'm outta here.

ANNA in tears)

Jim, no! What about our trip?

He opens the door and turns back. A guard dog snarls and barks discordantly outside.


I'm not going anywhere with these folks.

He leaves, and Anna confronts her father.

ANNA will never forgive you!


Forgive? You're the one brings a nigger home.


Howard, since when do you talk like that? If she's in love with him

FATHER to Anna)

Don't you dare ever bring another -- colored -- home, is that clear? We are not that kind of people!


What are you talking about? I love him. I'm pregnant with his child. Your grandchild!


Why you slut.

Enraged, he tries to slap her. Anna screams and ducks away from his blow. Father's hand catches in her necklace, breaks the chain, and the KEY falls to the floor. He stops, shocked.


My God, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Really.

He reaches to take Anna in his arms, but she refuses him.

FATHER (cont'd)

Listen to reason, Anna. You can't have a colored baby. You'll have an abortion. I'll pay for it.


Howard, no! A child conceived in love should never be aborted. Long ago, we agreed on that.

Anna sees the KEY on the floor, bends down and reaches for it as her parents continue to argue.


Love -- sure, love between people of the same race.


No, love between people, between two human beings.

Anna's hand closes over the KEY [c.u.] END[continue]

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