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Affordable Care Act will improve several aspects mentioned in this paper.


This act regulates costs that affect the consumer as well as those that affect the industry. The Affordable Care Act seeks to impact various groups, some of which include the companies that make drugs, the hospitals offering care, the companies making medical equipment, insurance both for public health as well as private health and all consumers whether they earn large or small incomes. The Act tries to control costs in as far as all these groups are concerned.

Some of the things that are involved in this cost control are as below:

Minimum Benefits- the Act provides for a minimum in terms of the value as well as the benefits of plans. This means that a lower number of citizens are struggling with the costs related to health insurance. At the same time, the hospitals and the citizens do not have to worry about unpaid medical bills or debts thereof. There will be a lower amount of money spent on accessing healthcare as there are free programs that enhance wellness and prevention of illness.

Dollar Limits- As far as essential care is concerned; the Act stipulates that the insurance company cannot impose a dollar limit. As such people can access healthcare at more reasonable costs and at the same time health care institutions do not have to deal with unpaid bills.

Medicaid Expansion -- This is the expansion of the public health insurance to cover millions of the citizens who fall in the category of the 138% Federal Poverty Line. Thus, those requiring emergency care and hence out of the ambit of state support are now included, too (Obama Care Facts, 2016).


This Act has also enabled those who are in the community and at home to gain access to services. Through the Obama Care, states will now have an additional option of offering services to those who are within a community or home care instead of restricting care to the institutions such as nursing homes. The Community First Choice Option will thus help the disabled to receive treatment in their communities and in their homes.

Quality of Care

The Act also touches on the actual quality of the care provided and how this care is transmitted to those in need of it. The Affordable Care Act thus guarantees quality of care as well as reduced costs.…

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