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Even five years ago, this was not the case. Moore uses his own brand of investigative, and sometimes highly charged and emotionally biased journalism to make his points. He causes people to violently disagree with his determinations, but he causes people to think, something that many filmmakers simply avoid. Moore's documentaries are more than entertainment, they get people talking about and investigating issues on their own. His message may not appeal to everyone, but his methods are some of the best in filmmaking. He creates films that people remember, and this is an important aspect of the process. He uses emotional, controversial, social, and meaningful themes to "stir the pot," and will certainly be one of the 21st centuries most remembered filmmakers.

Steven Spielberg is probably the most influential and important filmmaker today. His films are much more than entertainment, they are thought provoking, artistic, and stunningly memorable. From "The Color Purple" to "Schindler's List" and beyond, Spielberg makes films that he believes in, and wants his style='color:#000;text-decoration: underline!important;' target='_blank' href='' rel="follow">audience to share. He uses cinematography, sound, lighting, and great acting performances to create visual masterpieces that linger in the mind. Who can forget the broken form of Sophia when she returns after eight years in prison in "The Color Purple," the girl in the red dress in "Schindler's List," or Tom Hank's emotional death in "Saving Private Ryan." What makes Spielberg so important is not only his great technique, but also the fact that he can switch from epic to action so seamlessly. The "Indiana Jones" films are every bit as good as Spielberg's epics, but a different venue.

These three different artists clearly work in different mediums, and yet they all bring important and meaningful relevance to the world through the context of their work. I hope that the work I do can only come close to being as important as the work of these filmmakers, and their work inspires me to strive for more meaning, more content, and more depth to my own work in the…

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