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By joining such groups she will get a chance of meeting people with whom she shares common interest thus feel part of the wider population.

As a follow-up it would be necessary that I keep checking on her at least ones or twice a week, enquiring from her whenever she feels like hanging out and to find out her general status. In the process of visiting her, I would take the opportunity to persuade her to attend special events and to at least join a group or two, in case she hasn't. Given that she is a frequent visitor on Skype chat room, I would as well register as a user and add her as a friend thus I'll be able to chat with her more frequently and on the process get to know how she is fairing.

Part 2:

I clearly understand how it feels to move from one place to another a lot and be in a new place together with a foreign culture and unfamiliar with anyone round you. In my life I have resided in four different countries including Jakarta, Singapore, Australia and at Boston in the United States, and the cultures, customs, and languages in all these states are extremely varied thus it was mandatory that I adjust to each one of them. I strongly believe that this experience while living overseas can be relevant and significant when I apply it to the International Assistant Program. I comprehend the fact that it can be hard to move to new country particularly when you move without your family. I will be in a position to assist them find out more about our culture while I learn theirs at the same time. I can also relate to myself, who is an international student.

In my first visit to the United States, I was greatly surprised by the immense disparity between the kinds of life in America compared to life in any other country, thus I understand how forlorn an individual can be on their first arrival. In some cases, a number of students never recover from such loneliness due to lack of support necessary to make them feel at home and respond to their questions thus they end up not making friends easily. I have gone through the same situation personally and these new students which make me clearly understand what they need and what…

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