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The need for creating a high level of collaboration across volunteer organizations that first create a specific messaging strategy by each intended audience is critical. The messaging for corporations and governmental organizations needs to focus on a highly collaborative, shared responsibility for creating healthier, more balanced environment for future generations. Social responsibility as the foundation for ensuring collaboration between corporations, government organizations, and volunteer organizations can galvanize all of these organizations to move in a common direction with each other. Messaging for individuals needs to stress that every person counts in changing global warming's impact on the planet and that everyone shares in the responsibility in preserving the environment and its natural resources. Putting effort into creating highly collaborative relationships across other volunteer organizations, coordinating and enlisting the help of corporations and government organizations has the potential to be a highly effective strategy is achieving global warming-related objectives. Gaining the commitment and use of resources across corporations and government organizations, including their funding of messages to the public, changing processes within their organizations...


Having volunteer organizations' leaders meet with corporations' and government organizations' leaders to create strategic plans on how to better impact global warming and also raise awareness of this issue globally could be highly effective.
Funding, political cooperation and collaboration, and the ability to define messaging strategies across all each consumer demographic is also critical. Underscoring the collaboration between volunteer organizations, government agencies and organizations, and corporations is the need to also create a shared resource trust fund to finance strategies to bring both global warming change and also raise awareness significantly over time.

In terms of the actual execution of these strategies, the best approach for ensuring a high level of collaboration is to have volunteer organizations' leadership meet face-to-face with corporate and government leaders. For these collaborations to be successful, it is critical for each of these organizations' leaders trust each other and knows each other personally. For communicating to the public, there needs to be a multichannel-based communications strategy that includes blogging, e-mail blasts, websites, micro sites (small websites), sponsoring events, and also showing through advertising programs that show how important it is for people to conserve and work to alleviate the consumption habits that increase the pace of global warming.

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