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Japan may seem a long way away from a high school in America, but the images shown on the nightly news of people suffering horrendous conditions are real people, like myself. Although the tragedy may have happened on the other side of the world, there is something that I could do, just a small part in the overall effort to aid the thousands of suffering Japanese, my part. And while my part may have been small in the larger scale, the overall effort could not have succeeded without thousands of people doing their small part. I am proud to have been a small part of that effort.

Finally, it took the suffering of people around the world to stir something in me that I did not know that I had. When I saw those terrible images, the death and destruction, I knew...


But when I had the idea of a clothing drive, something inside me sprung to life, a fire burned inside that compelled me to act. I had to do something I had never done before, I had to lead in the effort to help these people. And while I was unsure of myself throughout most of the process, fearing that I would fail to help those who needed it, I did not give up. No matter how difficult it was, or how much extra time it took, I wanted to accomplish this task. To be honest, it was as much for myself as it was for the people of Japan. I was able to do something, something that really helped people, I saw that 250 people who had lost everything at least had some clothing and a pair of shoes. It may have been a small part, but it was my part.


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