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Fire Safety - Education

The three "E" in fire prevention are: Education, Engineering, and Enforcement. This paper delves into those three components of fire prevention, including their significance and including practical examples of both.

The Three E's - Education

Meanwhile, the authors -- in Chapter 1 of the Municipal Fire Service Workbook -- offer the point that the difference between fire prevention and fire suppression is "somewhat fuzzy." But there is no fuzziness in the materials presented in Chapter 1 because the authors emphasize fire prevention over fire suppression. A key component of spreading the word about fire prevention in communities is of course one of the E's -- education. On that subject, one practical example to use is smoke alarms.

The authors say more homes are using electrically connected smoke alarms, but renters and homeowners are not all appraised of this technology; and hence many people continue to change batteries each year during the switch to daylight savings time. Or they forget to change batteries and smoke alarms are useless without fresh batteries. Using electrically linked smoke alarms has cut "home fire fatalities in half," and so more updated information needs to be shared with the public through public service announcements.

Since October 5 through 11 is "Fire Prevention Week" it seems appropriate to mention that about 100 Domino's Pizza stores have formed partnerships with local fire departments to "deliver fire safety messages" with pizzas during Fire Prevention Week. What happens is this: certain customers ordering pizzas from Domino's will actually get their pizzas delivered by a local fire department's fire engine. The fire fighters will not only deliver the hot pizza, but they will also check smoke alarms in the house, and if all smoke alarms are fully functioning, the pizza is free (National Fire Prevention Association, 2014).

The Three E's -- Engineering

An important part of the engineering aspect of fire prevention is found in the fire prevention codes. These codes offer counties, states, cities…

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