Education - Faculty Evaluations Establishing Thesis

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Failure to pursue professional development gradually relegates all academic instruction to the mere presentation of history instead of the transmission of applicable knowledge conducive to the professional competence of students.

Service to the College Parameter - 15%:

If teaching (including its professional development component) account for 75% of faculty responsibilities, the remaining 25% relate to professional efforts that relate indirectly to serving the college by facilitating learning on the part of students and to maintaining and continually improving the learning institution. Within that general parameter, the larger responsibility is to benefiting the college with the remainder benefiting the general community.

Service to the General Community Parameter - 10%: In principle, teaching is a service to the entire community in which specific service to the college and its students is simply the most direct and efficient method of enabling the institution to fulfill its role within the larger external community. Therefore, appropriate service on the part of faculty members to the larger community, while comparatively less important to the college and its students, is nevertheless consistent with the overall betterment of the community. In turn, efforts on the part of faculty members also serve the external community also advance the best interests of the institution by representing the college in the light most beneficial to the college in addition to expanding the opportunity of higher education to members of the community who…

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